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Monday, October 4, 2010

Puscifer - "C" is for (Please insert Sophmoric Genitailia Reference HERE)

If it wasn't enough to be the front man two two popular rock bands he feels the need to have a side project, Puscifer. Maynard James Keenan announced in May 2009 through his Twitter page that there is "new music coming soon from Puscifer". This "new music" was then confirmed to be a new(digital-only) EP due for release in early November 2009. This new EP is substantially different from any other releases from Puscifer. While Puscifer's earlier work was more post-industrial and Puscifer's new EP "C" is for (Please insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) puts more emphasis on on the trip-hop aspect with some industrial. The first track of the new EP is a never heard before track Polar Bear, a track a little reminiscent of something by Portishead only with male vocals . However Keenan makes this track all his own with his vocals which are the star of the track. With the lyrics about loneliness and isolation it is clear that this track is meant to have a chill to it and it does. Prior to the it's release The Mission was released as a single. The Mission (M is for Milla Mix) is the second track, which is a duet between Keenan and Milla Jovovich who plays Alice in the Resident Evil film series. It is difficult to understand what the lyrics mean, which is a change from the previous track. The next two tracks are live versions of tracks preformed in the Club Nokia from Puscifer's first album "V" Is for Vagina. Being live versions of songs by Maynard James Keenan the two tracks are drastically different from their original form. This is definitely a positive as the first one a reborn version of Momma Sed keeps the mood of the original and taking it lower and a little more depressing(in a good way). The second, Vagina Mine also has duet vocals with Keenan and Juliette Commagere. Potions (Deliverance Mix), the fifth track sounds more like it should be part of an A Perfect Circle EP, but nonetheless and good track which is a song about what seems to be a lost love. "C" is for (Please insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE)'s final track and one of the best is The Humbling River. Which is has Keenan's silky smooth vocals with some female harmonization, a satisfying way to end which is already a great EP. 



  1. Im a huge fan of Milla Jovovich, heard she was coming out with a new movie. Can't wait for it.

  2. Guess he has to stay busy. Man, I wish i had that much time on my hands.